We are Kaospilots

3 min readFeb 4, 2021


Creating new learning experiences to navigate chaos

We believe our fast-changing and complex world calls for alternative formats to deliver innovative and holistic learning experiences. In times of social-distancing and a recession, we cannot rely on traditional education and approaches alone to educate the next generation of systemic change-makers in society. At the same time, the current situation opens up opportunities for innovation, impact, and transformation in various parts of our lives — and new learning formats can support to develop much needed bold and visionary but actionable solutions.

Therefore, we decided to bring the Kaospilot approach, mindset, and methodologies to even more people and founded Kaospilot+ Berlin. We offer a learning platform for design, sustainable entrepreneurship, and positive change, based on the belief that positive social impact can be achieved through collaborative initiative, innovative design, and value-based leadership.

Although we are building upon 30 years of experience and leadership in progressive experiential education, we are not merely bringing the excellent existing Kaospilot programs to other locations, but we are developing new and engaging formats for students, educators, coaches, teams, organizations, and all other learners out there.

What makes a leader?


We center on the learners’ potential to develop and to achieve — tapping into their creativity, giving it a direction, creating a setting that will get them there, and allows them to navigate the uncertainties that will follow. We provide the space and a place where creatives and potential change-makers can develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and competencies to fulfill their values and visions. We build the frameworks within which creative minds can become creative leaders. They are encouraged to develop ambitious ideas and solutions that contribute to society’s greater good and demonstrate social and environmental awareness.

We believe in experiential learning, in learning by doing. We want people to take action without limiting themselves with theory and reflect and improve upon the insights and learnings from this experience.

We believe that learners have to have ownership to develop their own practice and unique learning paths.

We believe in learning as part of a community and growing in and with it. This community is the global Kaospilot community, the team you learn with, and the local community you’re located in.

We believe in the power of rituals and diversity. At Kaospilot+, we embody a spirit of collaboration, care, and celebration, focusing on practices of radical honesty, transparency, and seeking to evolve each other’s capacities. We are open to being surprised and moving beyond our comfort zones, and practicing our intercultural competencies to become aware of our inherent bias, backgrounds, and privileges.

We believe in co-creation and have teamed up with some world-leading experts, practitioners, and experienced leaders — because we learn best together and from each other. Beyond that, participants of our learning experiences co-create them with us. As we offer training in change, we need to continually change, too!

Continuous Change without losing the Roots

Taking Action

We are setting out to offer an alternative to standardized education and learning that might not be for everyone. But: we are committed to ensuring that people have access to the learning experiences that are right for them and allow them not just to become participants but also active shapers of the future. That’s why we work on methods and tools that drive change in the education system — away from frontal, static education and towards adaptive, learner-centered education and learning.

We can’t wait to share that journey with you — as participants, collaborators, and friends!




A school for leaders who are courageous, creative, and committed in their pursuit of making the world a better place. Learn more: www.kaospilotplus.com