The Costs of our 1-Year Programme

Why and how we decided to radically cross-finance the first round of our Berlin-based 1 Year Programme “Leadership in Systemic Activism”

3 min readJun 5, 2022

We get a lot of questions about how we are able to offer our 1 Year programme for such a small price (476€ per semester), so here’s a (longer) post that might give some insight:

The reason we have started KAOSPILOT+ Berlin is to offer educational formats that enable people to grow and create regenerative transformation in the world. And from the very beginning, we were driven by the strong conviction that good education should not only be for those who can afford to pay expensive tuition.

However, when it came to creating our 1-Year Programme, we quickly realized how many costs are involved when it comes to offering a highly individualized programme — this includes rent, salaries, materials, technology, project budgets, and all the other smaller costs that add up. So when we first offered our course, we put a price tag of 10.591 EUR for one year. Based on this price, we would break even with 10+ participants.

And it stayed like this until a few months ago.

Our core team gathered for our regular team meeting and then we knew something needed to change. There was a big contradiction between that price tag and the wish to offer a revolutionary activistic education that represents a hope for a better, fairer, more sustainable world.

So, we decided to go all in. We decided to stand by our values and to move mountains in order to make our programme as accessible as possible.

We know that in order to create an amazing programme we need to learn from actually running an amazing programme. So we decided to cross-finance this very first PILOT programme in order to learn as much as we can together with an amazing first pilot team. All our profit from any of our projects and programmes will go into covering the costs of this pilot programme. Additionally, we are building strong partnerships with people and organisations that are on the same mission as we are.

So technically the programme still costs 10.591 EUR per person, it’s just that we will pay 10115 so that our participants will only have to pay 476€.

We also know that this is not a sustainable long-term solution, but are actively dedicating time and effort to collecting long-term funding in order to continue to finance the coming years and keep the program as accessible as it is today.

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