Berlin Outpost 2021 in Retrospective

3 min readDec 21, 2021


In late November Team 53 from KAOSPILOT finished their 2,5-month long Outpost in Berlin — a first in Kaospilot history, as two teams immersed themselves in an unfamiliar context simultaneously!

During their stay, the 66 students from the Aarhus School explored the city’s political, cultural, and historical life, created impact through a variety of collaborative projects with different organizations and companies ranging from food producers to app developers: KühlhausBerlin, Roots Radicals, Project Eva, STATE Studio, The School of Life, ReDI School of Digital Integration, iHeartBerlin,, Berlin Change Days, Kontist Stiftung, Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum and KAOSPILOT+ Berlin.

Team 53 preparing in another self-led community meeting

And not only that: they self-organized around a variety of internal tasks, created their own pop-up school in a gigantic empty film studio, lived through highs and lows as individuals and as a learning collective, created a theater play in 3 days, held a 12 hour long immersive event in their fall break, hosted dinners, parties & connected to many people in the wider Berlin ecosystem.

They challenged themselves & us as educators so that we would all grow our capacities as leaders and human beings! What an inspiring bunch of highly creative & ambitious people, with their hearts at the right place!

A student working, while others run the Kaos Bar at a BUFA Community Event

We had the truly transformative opportunity to be the official local partners during the Outpost, supporting the students in connecting to and landing in the local context. Helen van Baal and Edda Luisa Kruse Rosset (always supported by Finn Köhler) from the Kaospilot+ Berlin Team joined Dennis Dybdal & Federico Bortoletto to collaborate around the Outpost as a team leader team — what a collaboration!
Witnessing the students learning journeys was so very precious — thank you Team 53!

We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to some of the many people who supported us and the Kaospilots during the Outpost:

To the practitioners who offered their fantastic input: Lucas Paes de Melo, Nadim Choucair, Hannes Ley, Caroline Woolard, Shai Hoffmann, Antje Kircher & Cornelia Hargesheimer!

Team 53 celebrating their work: they’ve built their own work space in a large empty film studio

To the many Kaospilot Community members who joined for a visit: Anne Kjær Bathel (She), Ida Tin, Uffe Elbæk, Niklas Wriedt, Guga Korte and various students from Team 23, 24, 25, 28 … as well as Staff members! The leaders of the Kaospilot Professional courses held their first Kaos Konnect Event and we really felt the Kaospilot Community emerge in Berlin.

Last but not least: our hosts & collaborators at Berliner Union Film Ateliers, without whom we couldn’t have had one of the most exciting current urban playgrounds in Berlin to learn from & call our home!
Thank you so much for hosting our Kaos — Laureen Mauß, Benjamin Rodrigues Kafka, Klaudia Krauss & Hauke Kaphengst (& the entire rest of the team!)

Kaos Konnect Event in November 2021

And thank you to all the wonderful people who supported us by performing, cooking, delivering food, fixing & gifting us with their presence!

And, by the way, Team 53 just collectively passed their exam when back in Aarhus: congratulations!

This is only the beginning of the Kaospilot philosophy & pedagogy making their way to Berlin … stay tuned for more activities in Berlin in 2022!




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